How to Add The Cash Option For Uber

Choosing cash for your payment method is very easy and only takes a couple of seconds to do.

First you need to log-in to your app. Then click on the bottom of the screen where you’ll see the payment method you currently have selected. If it’s a credit card, you should see the last four digits of your credit card. Once you click on that you’ll be able to see the different payment choices and you can choose “cash” as your preferred payment method.

During the ride you might the following message: “Your driver’s phone will show you the amount to pay at the end of the trip.”

Once you complete your ride, you’ll simply hand the driver the cash required to cover your fare. Pretty simple. You should still receive an email receipt after the Uber driver has taken your cash payment.

Where can you use cash for Uber?

I imagine that the locations that take cash for Uber are going to be constantly changing so you’ll always have to check up on the latest information and updates to be sure if Uber in your location takes cash.

Uber initially rolled out cash options in countries where credit cards were not as popular or widespread like India, Malaysia, Indonesia, Egypt, Brazil, Peru, South Africa, and the Philippines.

I’ve been able to use cash here in Texas and I know some other locations like Philadelphia have it as well. But I’m not sure about how other US states like California, Florida, New York, and others handle the issue.

Should you use cash?

Whether you should use cash when paying for an Uber ride is a completely different matter to ponder.

Uber is designed to be cashless

Keep in mind that Uber is designed to be a cashless payment system for transportation. Thus, when you choose to use cash you might catch your Uber driver off guard. They might not even know that cash is acceptable and that could cause some issues when trying to pay for your ride.

Drivers may not have change

Another major issue is that many drivers may not have change on them to break up your cash. So generally speaking you may have to resort to offering your cash payment with the tip included since you may not be able to get change back. And if you’re not prepared with smaller bills, you could be leaving some pretty hefty tips.

Uber does try encourage their drivers to carry cash but from what I can tell this is not a requirement so there’s no guarantee they will have cash or change on them.

Credits for change

It seems like some Uber drivers have a feature where they can credit you for the change that you are due so if that feature is widespread then you may not have to worry about collecting your change after every ride. so if your ride is $14 and you hand them a $20, you should be able to get a credit for $6 in your Uber account.

Rounding issues

However, there are also reports out there of Uber rounding up to the nearest dollar even when the price of the ride is barely above a dollar amount. For example, a $9.08 ride could be rounded up to $10. I’m not sure how prevalent that is but it’s something to be on the lookout for as that could eat into your expenses over time.

Thus, I personally would not resort to using cash unless I really needed to use that.

What about cash tips for Uber drivers?

You can also leave tips with cash for your Uber driver. However, Uber now allows you to include tips when paying with your credit card, so there’s really no reason why you would need to use cash for the fare or for a tip.

I will say that some people like to tip in cash so that their driver can instantly see that they’ve tipped and will more prone to give them a nice review. If you wait to too long to tip in the app, there’s a chance your driver might think you’re not going to tip them and they might give you a lower review. So if you’re concerned with your Uber reputation paying in cash for your tip can make sense.

Since you don’t need change and just about anybody would be happy to receive cash, I don’t see this a being a big deal, regardless of how you decide to leave your tips, cash or no cash.

Does Uber Eats take cash?

I don’t believe that Uber Eats takes cash (though they might in some locations). If I can use cash here in Texas for Uber but can’t use it for Uber Eats, it makes me feel like Uber Eats does not take cash. However, they do take alternative payment forms like PayPal and Venmo.

Does Lyft take cash?

I’m not aware of Lyft taking cash as a form of payment but if you’ve had any experience with that feel free to let me know.


Uber allows for cash payments in some locations so you’ll have to check to see if that is going to an option where you need your transportation. While it’s nice that they’ve added the flexible option, it’s probably going to be easier to just use your credit card since that’s much more in-line with the spirit of the app than using cash is.

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