Toyota will finally adopt Android Auto support in their cars

The Toyota joined the modern era when he began to adopt the CarPlay in their vehicles in early 2018, leaving Android users very happy. However, after years of resistance related to Google’s system security issues, Toyota has finally changed its mind. According to Bloomberg sources , the company has agreed to adopt Android Auto support in its cars, with the launch scheduled for October. Until then, you could only use the feature through Ford’s SmartDeviceLink, which limited its appearance on the central screen and access to the data.

In response to the leak, Toyota neither confirmed nor denied the news, saying it recognized the search for Android Auto and was considering adopting Google’s system in its vehicles.

Most car brands have at least some kind of Android Auto support, and you even find them in niches like Koenigsegg. While it is unclear if the absence of support has hurt the company’s worldwide sales in a tangible way, it is safe to assume you would not visit a Toyota dealership if you wanted Waze at the car’s multimedia center.

Toyota may not like that its consumers are effectively replacing its software, but it does not have much choice if it wants to remain competitive in the market with other companies that have adopted this system for some time like Honda and Volkswagen.

Source Engadget

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