Verizon’s 5G Internet Service is now Active And Live In Four Cites

Verizon Launched And Activated G Speed Internet Service In This Four Cities  Houston, Indianapolis, Los Angeles, and Sacramento get super fast Wi-Fi CONNECTION

Verizon announced it was working to bring 5G home internet service to a few US cities last November, and opened up pre-orders last month for residents to sign up. The company’s made good on their promise to launch the service on October 1st, and installations are starting today for residents in Houston, Indianapolis, Los Angeles, and Sacramento. Customers will be able to access typical Wi-Fi speeds around 300 mbps and peak speeds up to 1 Gbps.

As part of its rollout, Verizon is offering three months of its 5G Home service for free, which will then cost $50 a month for existing Verizon customers, and $70 for non-Verizon customers. The company is also offering a free Chromecast or Apple TV 4K, and three months of YouTube TV. The service comes with installation included, and first access to 5G mobile devices when they become available in their area.

What is 5G?

In the simplest possible definition, 5G is the fifth generation of cellular networking. It’s the next step in mobile technology, what the phones and tablets of the future will use for data, and it should make our current LTE networks as slow and irrelevant as 3G data seems now.

To recap, the first generation of mobile networks (retroactively referred to as 1G) came out in around 1982. It was a fully analog system until the launch of 2G (second generation networks), which made the jump to digital when it launched in 1991. 2G also added cellular data in the forms of GPRS and EDGE technologies. Roughly 10 years later, 3G networks launched, offering an even faster data rate than 2G. Around 10 years after that, our current LTE networks — what we call 4G, although there’s some contention on what that really means — is the fourth generation of networking. Historically, that works out to a new generation of networking technology every decade or so. 5G networks will presumably offer a similar leap forward when it comes to things like data speed.

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